Food Inc.

of Santa Barbara County


Rated among some of Santa Barbara’s top chefs, we share a collective vision and have created a company that will provide exactly what you desire. We range from classic service to contemporary styled events specially designed for your wedding, cocktail party, a crucial yet casual business luncheon, or an intimate affair where we become your private chef at your location for you and your guests. We have collectively catered events from barbecues to film festivals and offer complete packages for any event that your discerning tastes may require.

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Food Inc. now has another food option for you – Presenting our Healthy Meal Ready to Eat (HMRE)

Our HMRE’s are available for both Lunch & Dinner. You can check out individual HMRE Menu’s with the links below, or Click Here to go the the HMRE Shop page.

Delivery of Our Latest HMRE Menu 4 Meals Starts Now!

Menu 4 will run for 2 consecutive weeks beginning August 9th.

Deliveries will be on Monday & Wednesday of each week.

CLICK HERE  to view the full menus and order up and get all the details!

Catering Services we provide

We believe in seasonal Catering menus sourced from local fields and pastures. Our passion for hand picked, organic ingredients shows in what we deliver. Should your vision include classic cuisine or perhaps your adventurous enough to try something a little more avant-garde. Food Inc. is here to serve you.

Wedding Catering

You have made a commitment. You have a story. We’ll hold your hand. We understand that every wedding is a personal reflection of 2 individuals.

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Drop Off Catering

With a focus on our student population, this new service is designed to bring great food right to your doorstep.

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Private Chef

We understand that your time is important so why spend it in the kitchen? We can help!

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Bar Service

You’re having a party. You need to mingle & mix. We’ll do the stiring and shaking!

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Event Staffing

Do you just need a little help with your event? Perhaps a licensed bartender or a few servers? We got you covered!

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Event Planning

Planning your special event can take a lot of the fun out of it, so why do it? Tell us what you want and we do the rest!

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Let’s Work Together!

We’ll help you make your event memorable.