Drop Off Catering Services

Coming Soon – We at Food Inc. have created Drop Off Catering (DOC), a service to meet the growing demand for high quality sustainable and flavorful food without having to hire an entire company. DOC provides ready to eat food that only requires minimal effort to either heat and or serve a meal for you or you and your guests.

Our Drop-Off Catering Services is designed for Active Lifestyles!

This drop-off catering service is tailored to our customers requirements.

We will create rotational lunch and dinner menus for our contracted clients delivered weekly or for a single event. Our clients range from work force professionals who do not have the time to prepare healthy meals for their families, UC students in both housing units, sororities and Fraternities, athletes both amateur and professional who are concerned on eating healthy balanced diets focused on bulking, maintaining or shredding weight**, and for guests who wish us to remain transparent and want to present the food for their guests.

**this service is extra if your macro diet needs to be adjusted to meet your goals. We hand tailor menus for you based on your Body Mass Index % (BMI) .

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