How to Select a Caterer That Fits Your Wedding Venue

How to select a caterer that fits your wedding venue whether it’s small intimate affair for 2 to 20 or a spectacular extravaganza for 50 to 500 guests.

How to Select a Caterer That Fits Your Wedding VenueA professional wedding caterer should be able to serve beautiful dishes under almost any condition or circumstance.  That doesn’t mean you can’t make it easier on everyone by ensuring the venue is equipped with a few necessary features…

A set up area – most caterers need a reasonable area to set up and assemble the dishes.  How big of an area will vary depending on the menu and number of expected guests.  If no kitchen facilities are available a refrigerated truck, warming ovens or van may be needed to house and prepare the food.  

Running water – The caterer will need water for a variety of reasons, but especially for washing of hands. If hot and cold running water is not available at a venue, the caterer will need to bring portable temperature-controlled water containers to meet health code requirements.

Similarly, the caterer will need power.   If the venue does not have a power supply, check with the caterer about the possibility of using a generator or other power source.

Trash removal – Not every venue has their own dumpsters or trash receptacles.  If the caterer is responsible for trash removal, this could affect their logistics and potentially the bottom line of the food expense.

How to Select a Caterer That Fits Your Wedding VenueSome venues have an in-house catering service or an exclusive agreement with a local caterer.  If this is the case, the venue might not allow an outside company or they may allow you to hire a caterer but charge an additional fee.

Is the venue equipped with tables, chairs, etc.? If so, do they charge an additional fee for usage?  If not, you may need to rent the equipment but talk to the caterer before you start calling rental companies as they may be able to provide a better solution.

As you are looking at venues, consider asking your caterer to meet you if it’s a place they are not familiar with.   Most local caterers will know all the local wedding reception venues but it’s always prudent to check.

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