How to Set Up Food Tastings

How to set up food tastings to ensure everything goes perfectly on that special day.

The wedding date’s been set.  The venue is booked.  The invitations are designed.  Now, let’s talk food.

How to set up food tastings

Even if you have chosen a caterer or narrowed it down to two or three, make it a priority to set up a tasting.  Feeding all those aunts, uncles, cousins and friends can be the biggest expense of the day not to mention one of the most important.  Below are some tips on what to expect and how to set up a food tasting.

Monday to Friday

Caterers normally schedule tastings during the week, as the kitchen’s main focus on Saturdays and Sundays will be booked events for those days.  Plan to come Monday through Friday during work hours.

Request a copy of the menu

Are the dishes offered by the caterer in line with your proposed menu?   What time of year is the wedding scheduled?  Can the caterer create a lavish spread based on seasonal dishes?  The menu should give you a good idea of what is being offered during specific times of the year.

Ask about tasting fees

Often, the caterer will charge a tasting fee.  But most caterers will credit the charge back to the event if you retain their services.

Meet the team

This will be the opportunity to meet the culinary team responsible for the food on your big day.   Pay attention to seasoning styles, garnishes and presentation.  During the tasting, ask the chef if they will be available to answer questions.  The catering manager should take notes of all discussions and photograph the dishes presented to ensure continuity.

Limit the number of tastings

It is recommended to only schedule three or four tastings.  Keep notes, remember highlights.  After a while too many tastings can start to blend together.  If you are still having trouble selecting a caterer narrow it down based on your wish list for presentation, price or creativity.

Bring your appetite.

Large events require several meal options in a short amount of time.  If you fill up before tasting everything prepared, you might miss out on a slice of roast or yummy dessert.  Plus, most bride and grooms are too excited and busy to eat during the wedding.  This may be the only chance to taste the wonderful food being served to the guests.

Be punctual and don’t bring extra guests

The caterer wants everyone experiencing the tasting to fully enjoy the meal prepared.  If you show up late or with more guests than originally planned, there might not be enough food and what is served could be cold or over cooked.

At Food Inc we want your tasting to be a fun, informative and a delicious stop during a hectic and stressful time.  Call us today to set up your food tasting in Santa Barbara at (805) 325-1986.  There here to make your event special and stress free.