Bi-monthly MENU 4



Monday Delivery: KC STYLE STEAK | KC rubbed sirloin steak/ratatouille/russet steak fries/pico d’gallo

Monday Delivery: GROUND TURKEY PATTY | bell pepper/Asian mirepoix/carrots/cilantro/vegetable fried rice/blistered green beans

Monday Delivery: LEMON CHICKEN | lemon scented chicken | market vegetable medley | oven roasted potato with herbs and garlic

Monday Delivery: PORTOBELLO BURGER | squash – zucchini ribbons | roasted tomatoes | grilled balsamic onions | pesto mayo | brioche bun

Monday Delivery: FRESH SALMON | quinoa pilaf/tomatoes/cucumbers/dried cranberries/fresh herbs/wilted kale

Monday Delivery: CHICKEN VERDE | red rice | corn tortillas | guacamole | spicy pico de gallo

Wednesday Delivery: BLACKENED AHI | citrus avocado salsa | cauliflower puree | baby green beans (limited quantity)

Wednesday Delivery: SPICY ORANGE GLAZED CHICKEN | blistered broccoli | ginger & lemon Brown rice

Wednesday Delivery: BROCCOLI and BEEF | stir fried broccoli and beef | spicy Asian brown sauce | sticky rice

Wednesday Delivery: SHRIMP W/MUSHROOMS & ASPARAGUS | brown jasmine rice pilaf style | grilled lemon

Wednesday Delivery: PENNE & MINI MEATBALLS |marinara | meatballs | parmesan| ricotta cheese

Wednesday Delivery: CHICKEN CUTLET | cutlets of chicken | garlic smashed potatoes |caramelized vegetable