Monday Delivery (Favorites menu)

Monday Delivery: GROUND TURKEY PATTY - Ground turkey/bell pepper/ginger-onions-garlic/carrots/cilantro/sesame seeds/
vegetable fried rice/blistered green beans

Monday Delivery: BROCCOLI and BEEF - Stir fried broccoli and beef/spicy asian brown sauce/sticky rice

Monday Delivery: HERBED CHICKEN - Herb rubbed/grilled zucchini/roasted tomatoes and garlic/wilted kale

Monday Delivery: KC STYLE STEAK - KC rubbed sirloin steak/ratatouille/russet steak fries/pico d’gallo

Monday Delivery: VEGETABLE BURGER | portobello mushroom/squash-zucchini ribbons/roasted tomato/grilled red onion/pesto mayo

Monday Delivery: ROASTED PORKLOIN | braised white beans/cabbage with garlic and bacon

Wednesday delivery (Bi-monthly Rotational menu)

Wednesday Delivery: SHRIMP PUTANESCA| toasted garlic/red onions/capers/diced tomatoes/lemon zest/zoodles/parmesan cheese/fresh parsley

Wednesday Delivery: CHICKEN & VEGGIES| roasted broccoli | garlic and onions | oven dried tomatoes | chili flakes | wilted kale | shaved parm

Wednesday Delivery: INDIVIDUAL MEATLOAF - tomato glaze/roasted carrots & cauliflower

Wednesday Delivery: TURKEY BOLOGNESE | slow braised ground turkey in marinara/gluten free pasta/fresh herbs/pecorino Romano

Wednesday Delivery: SWEET and SOUR PORK | pork/peppers/onions/pineapple/vegetable fried brown rice/sweet and sour sauce

Wednesday Delivery: SALMON BURGER | seared salmon patty | asian coleslaw | quick pickled cucumbers | wasabi mayo | brioche bun