Here at Healthy M.R.E. we believe in a healthy and active lifestyle…

We start with the most important ingredient… The fuel we put into our bodies daily. Eating a healthy well balanced diet without sacrificing flavor typically lacking in other meal prep type companies is our mission. We highly recommend our weekly meal program combined with a consistent exercise routine and proper nutrient supplementation as needed to attain your goals.

Our mantra “Think Healthy/Eat Healthy/Be Healthy” has led us to create a great collaborative team for nutrition, supplements and training. We’ve brought our vision of a healthy and active lifestyle to reality with…

Healthy M.R.E.…. Think Healthy/Eat Healthy/Be Healthy

Each menu runs for 2 weeks. HMRE Menu 3 Starts on Nov. 23rd!

Below are just a few examples of the delicous & healthy choices available!

To talk to one of our team of trainers, nutraceutical specialists or our Chef who can dial in your macros** email us @ or call 805.325.1986